Published by c21pva on September 8, 2022

Why you should use a Real Estate Photographer.

When listing your home for sale, you always want to have your home show the best it can online. Buyers most likely see your home first on the internet and then make a decision whether or not to go see the home in person. If you are trying to get top dollar for your home, you want the most people to view your home so you can get the most chances of getting offers on your home.

One of the best way to get the most buyers to view your home is by having professional photos taken of your home. A professional photographer has specialized equipment such as high powered cameras, wide angle lenses, drones, 360 cameras and more. A Long Island Real Estate Photographer can shoot hi quality HDR photos of your home. These photos get enhanced in a program like Adobe Lightroom to really make the photos pop.

Sometimes you can get decent photos with your phone camera but they usually don’t compare to the dynamic range that a professional real estate camera can give you.

If you need a photography service, contact Pinpoint Photography today!

Published by c21pva on October 4, 2015

The Best Way to Sell Your Home

The best way and cheapest way to sell you home is through a flat fee mls long island listing service.  You can save thousands of dollars and loads of stress and heartache.

When you sell your home, you typically spend about 4-6 percent of your sale price towards the real estate commission.  When you sell your house using a flat rate, you can save the listing commission which can be about 2-3 percent.  That can be a lot of money for some people and it can be a deal or no deal situation.

If you feel you are the type of person who can sell there house themselves and do all the leg work involved in selling a home, then maybe a flat fee mls listing would be a good option for you to use.  Just contact a Long Island flat fee realty.

Published by c21pva on September 1, 2015

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